Jamaican dancing and bracelet making

After we did some Jamaican dancing and we played Just Dance! We then made our own Rasta bracelets.

Hadyn: My favourite part was when we got to make our own bracelets because we got to use my three favourite colours.
Ellie: My favourite part was when we did the Jamaican dancing because I like dancing.
Keisha: My favourite part was when we did some Jamaican dancing because it was fun.
Evie: My favourite part was when we did both because I got to make two bracelets. I made one for Mrs Mercer for next year.

Jamaican Food Tasting

Today we are learning all about Jamaica and first we had the chance to try some different Jamaican food. We tried: coconut milk, mango, coconut, pineapple, pomegranate, spicy rice and beans.

Sophie: I liked the rice because it wasn’t spicy it was like normal rice.
Ella: I liked the spicy rice and beans but I didn’t like the coconut milk because it tasted like coconuts and I don’t like them.
Georgia: I like the spicy rice and beans because it wasn’t spicy for me and I didn’t like the pomegranate because it was sour.
Hadyn: I liked the rice because it tasted like normal rice. I didn’t like the pineapple because it was too sour.
Liam: I liked the rice because it was spicy and I didn’t like the coconut milk because I didn’t like the taste.
Daisy: I didn’t like any of them because the rice was too spicy and the pineapple was sour.
Luke: I liked all of the food but my favourite was the coconut because it tasted like milk.
Cayden: I liked the pineapple because it was tasty.
Kacie: I liked the rice because it was spicy and I like spicy food.

Our questions for the PDSA.

Daisy: How many pets have you saved this year?

Hadyn: Why is there different types of dogs?

Maisy: What is your favourite pet?

Megan: How should we keep our pets healthy?

Anmol: When did you start working at the PDSA?

Keisha: What is your least favourite pet?

Ella: Is it normal for dogs to smile when they have a tummy rub?

Harry: How do you help sick horses?

Maisie: How far away is the PDSA?

Evie: Why do you want to work for the PDSA?

Georgia: How do you get a job at the PDSA?

Luke: Why do you like saving pets at the PDSA?

Sophie: What is your favourite part about working for the PDSA?

Our class trip to the Harley Gallery

My favourite thing of the day was when we decorated our artwork. By Georgia.

I liked the part when we coloured in the pictures that we drew. By Liam.

My favourite part of the day was when we met the artist Oliver. By Daisy.

My favourite part of the day was when we made our own fish becasue it was fun when we put patterns on it. By Hadyn.

My favourtie part was when we drew our own pictures from the books. We drew lots of different animals and I also enjoyed making the fish. By Ella.

My favourite part of the day was when we looked around the art exibition with the magnifying glasses. By Keisha.

My favourite part of the day was when we drew different sea creatures. By Cayden.

Treasure Island!

As a class we have read the first three chapters of Treasure Island and have made predictions about what we think is going to happen next.

Hadyn: I predict that the pirates lead by Long John Silver are going to go to the log house and have a battle with the Captain Smollett’s crew.

Cayden: I predict that Captain Smollett is going to find the treasure.

Keisha: I predict that Captain Smollett will find the trasure after a battle with the baddies.

Harry: I think that Long John Silver is going to die and Captain Smollett’s crew is also going to die.

Archie: I predict that Billy Bones is going to come back alive and get revenge on the baddies.

Georgia: I predict that Captain Smollett’s crew is going to win.

Amazing Art Day

Today we have taken part in Amazing Art Day. We have enjoyed making and creating lots of great pieces of art, we have visited different classes and worked with different teachers to share our artwork. Here are our favourite parts of our day:

Daniel – My favourite part was when we made a dreamcatcher because we used string to make lots of tangled webs.

Georgia – My favourite part of the day was when we made Rangoli patterns, we used of lots of colourful, bright colours to make amazing patterns.

Liam – My favourite part was when we made masks because we were given lots of different materials; we used glitter, foil, paper plates, tissue paper and lollipop sticks.

Evie – My favourite part was when we created our printed pictures. First we designed our picture on paper, then we used pencils to score our pictures onto polystyrene tiles and finally we painted our tiles black or brown and printed them onto a large piece of paper.

Harry – My favourite part was when we made masks because me and Daniel both made colourful, amazing masks using tin foil and stickers.

Kacie – My favourite part was when we made dreamcatchers with thread and paper plates, I worked with Keisha to thread the string through the holes.

The Castle!

Deep in the middle of an ancient, monumental forest there was a silver , golden castle. If you went closer you could see prickly, crunchy bushes that are part of a large, green maze. In the sky there was thick, misty fog that was hiding the castle’s brown, wooden door. I wonder who made the maze? At the top of the gold, long tower lived a princess, queen, king and prince What a pretty princess she was! Behind the castle there was a garden with lots of bright, colourful flowers because the servants planted them.

By Maisy

The Mysterious Castle!

Deep in the middle of a whopping, ancient forest there was a silver, mammoth castle.  Surrounding the frightful, vast castle’s walls was a white, misty fog.  If you looked closely you would see large, green prickly bushes that made up a complicated, monumental maze.  I wonder who built the maze?  Deep inside of the castle there lived a kings, queen, princess and a price but the prince wanted to break up with her.  However, he couldn’t do it because the queen would kill him!  What a pretty princess she was!

By Evie

Blogging Challenge – In Space!

When I was in space I was in a rocket and I could see planet Earth. I saw an asteroid coming towards me so I didn’t know what to do. So I moved the rocket so that it wouldn’t destroy it because it would break it, which means I would not be able to fly anymore. I sent my friends and my mum letters saying I was having a great time in space doing all fun things, I wish they were here with me sharing this fun. After spending a few days in space I was really starting to miss my mum and friends so I decided to set off coming back down to Earth. I was really glad when I got down to Earth because everyone had done a welcome home party for me.

By Maisie Elliott

Blogging Challenge – The Space Adventure!

One snowy cold day it was the day that I got to go on a space adventure. I quickly made my breakfast and changed my clothes whilst my breakfast was cooling down. I ate my breakfast then off I went with my mum, dad and my family to the launch pad. Once I got there I said my final goodbye to some of my friends.
I went to a strange mysterious room which looked like a staff room and got changed into my suit ready to travel. After two minutes I set off into space for my first adventure. After two hours I saw that a spaceships had crashed and there was an alien in there. I decided to help the alien to fix his spaceship. I asked the alien “Is it always so peaceful and quiet up here?”
The alien said “Yes it is because you see there is only peaceful aliens like me and plants here!”
I hopped back in to my red, white and blue spaceship and off I went. I stopped at a strange place that had snakes that were poisonous and I thought it was extraordinary and odd. All of the wild animals started to run after me and chase me but there was one problem. My astronaut suit engine broke and I was running out if air! I ran and out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign that said air for astronauts. I quickly went inside and filled my suit up and ran back to the spaceship to mum and dad. Then we set off to our next adventure.